Welcome to all my Dark Angels. If you are reading this blog you have some interest in my Gothic Clothing Emporium web site.

The site is both in English and Spanish.

            Let me start with a bit of background information about me. I was born a while ago on All Hallows Eve, fitting right? I am a photographer/designer/artist. The designs on my site are creations from my mind.

            The virus has hit everyone hard and I am no exception. So taking my design and photo background I decided to start Gothic Clothing Emporium. Right now it’s in infancy stage. My goal is to be a one stop shopping experience for all things Gothic.

            I will be very honest in saying what was taking a week to get orders out the door may now take 3-4 weeks. I want you to know that going in. Like I said this virus has hit every business hard.

            We are also a custom design business. What that means is we are here to serve your needs. Let me explain:

  • If you see a design on the front of a shirt and want it on the back, let me know.
  • If you would like a color you don’t see for the shirt, let me know. (subject to availability)
  • If you would like your name, business name on the shirt, let me know.
  • If you have a large group in need of shirts, let me know. Examples are bachelorette parties, family reunions, sports teams, business functions. A few off the top of my head but the list could be endless.
  • I also do non – gothic designs as you will see on my web site. I learned a long time ago diversity is key for success.
  • Suggestions, comments, reviews of my product are always welcome. What better way to please you than by telling me what you desire.


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